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“Building Apostolic Parishes” means that our lives of faith are founded on the Apostles, Peter, Paul, John and Ansgar (the Apostle to Scandinavia). Our desire is to be as strong as they in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, let me share with you some of the preliminary campaign results.

The Sustainable Offertory Campaign kicked off just two weeks ago on November 8, 2015. We have now received our first interim report showing us the strength of the initial response through November 17, 2015. I am very grateful to those who have taken the time to make their faithful response within each of our parishes. The campaign will run through December 30, 2015. That gives the rest of us time to sit down with the paper work, pray and send in the response. But that time will also go quickly and become increasingly busy as Christmas and the New Year roll around.

RESPONSE RATE: LPi is giving us a combined report for our three parishes throughout the campaign. The chart indicates respondents in the missing wedge of the circle. So far 29 households out of 1070 have completed their responses and have handed them in. So, the initial response rate is within an expected range, with 3.86% of those invited having responded during the first weeks of the mailing campaign. The desire, of course, is to see the circle disappear with a 100% response. However, we are setting a goal of 450 households, thats 42% of the mailings that are going out.

On the financial side, parishioners responding to the campaign have increased their gift significantly, by an average of 31.73%. With a beginning point of a 3.86% response rate, this equates to an annual increase of over $419.55 or approximately $8.07 per week combined for all 3 parishes. The strong response of the individuals suggests that getting more of our parishioners involved will have a significant impact on the overall campaign results. We have also had some inquiries about online giving. We are working hard at getting our website back up and running at a new address. More information should be coming soon about that, but for now, please contact the parish offices and we will get you set up from here.

As pastor, I am personally excited about these numbers. As we move forward and more responses come in, helping our operational income meet operational expenses, we can begin to study further ministries our parishes may be able to offer. Our campaign goals state in the mailing that we are in need of growing our outreaches to youth and young adults, we need to continue quality support for SS Peter and Paul Catholic School and make each of our parishes healthy and vibrant as we look to the future. Thank you all for your prayer and your response. Building Apostolic Parishes is something we do best together. May God bring to completion the good He has begun in us.

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Click here to visit the WeShare Online Giving Website