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The parish pastoral council is a consultative body (Canon 536 §2) by which the Christian faithful of a parish, together with those who have pastoral authority in the parish, “give their help in fostering pastoral activity” (Canon 536 §1). Its work is to be informed and inspired by the vision of the Church, exemplified in the teaching of the Second Vatican Council.

The ways by which it fulfills its shared responsibility are: the spiritual enrichment and growth of its members; the study of the Christian life of the People of God with special attention to their Christian vision, needs and hopes; the discernment of the relationship of the pastoral activity of the parish to the legitimate needs and hope of the parish community; the help in establishing priorities among the various aspects of the pastoral activity of the parish; and the formation of policy and the development of programs of pastoral activity.

Here is a link to the document that governs such bodies according to the 1985 decree: