From the Pastor's Desk:

March 3, 2024

My dear Parishioners,

On this Third Sunday of Lent our readings speak about different aspects of our covenant relationship with God.

The First Reading gives us one of the two versions of the Ten Commandments. The first few commandments deal with how the people are to relate to God. The last ones deal with relationships with other people. The purpose of the commandments is to reassure the people that they are bound again with God through the covenant of relationships. Not only are they bound to God, but they are also bound with the people around them. The Gospel of John has Jesus’ cleansing of the Temple at the very beginning of His ministry. Being in relationship with His Father, Jesus is upset with the way people have changed having a relationship with God to a for-profit business. “Prophets” have given way to “profits”. True religion means to be “bound again” with God and others - to deepen one’s relationships. It is not a financial arrangement to deepen the pocketbooks of some people. 

As we reflect on the readings, we are once again reminded of what it is that God wants for us and from us. God wants us to be in relationship with the Almighty, and not adhere to strict rules, regulations and the almighty dollar. God has revealed the Ten Commandments not to enslave us but to free us to be in closer covenant relationship with God.

We are being called today to reflect on how God takes the initiative in developing a relationship with us. The Lord Jesus desires that we be bound again with the God Who loves us. God cares for us much more than we can comprehend and understand. It is only living in a closer relationship with this God of relationships that we can further develop our “knowledge” of how much God loves us.

May you continue to grow in your faith with the God Who desires to be in an ever deepening covenant relationship with you.


God Bless You, 

Father George, MSFS


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